Sure, in the first place I am your German voice actor. I interpret your text - but not just anyhow.


In advance I synchronize with you very precisely. Because in the end I want everything to sound just the way you like it!


Writing a good text isn't easy. But even the best text is not necessarily convenient to speak.


With some experience though this is easily fixed. I support you with the "Writing for Speaking", so that everybody understands everything just fine.


I am happy to take care of your complete recording - including cutdown and postproduction!


All this happens in my home studio in Munich, or in any other recording studio of your choice!


You need an international voice actor? Female or kids voices? And some music or special effects?


No problem: For all these "special cases" I work with a whole bunch of partners. Just ask!


1. Find the right text

Our first task is to find the right words. I am happy to help you with that! Together we can create a text that meets your needs and is at the same time easy to understand.

2. Find the right tone

Next, we talk about the most important thing: How exactly is your voiceover supposed to sound like? Do you prefer it casual or formal? Are there any parts within the text that are especially important? I want to get a most detailed picture of your project. All this information helps me to develop a good "feeling" for it.

3. Recording and Delivery

Now we are ready for the recording! You receive your new voiceover fully cut und post-produced - ready to use. And all this within onef working day (depending on the size of your project)! Simply follow the download-link, get your files, and done!

With the express delivery it gets even faster. Pay an extra 20% and your files land in your mailbox today!

4. Adjustments

You would like some parts to be spoken differently afterwards? That is not an issue: One complete loop of adjustments is always included (except changes in the text).




The VMX Pure Cardioid by Brauner is a real treat for voice acting and my personal treasure in the studio.

The microphone senses every little detail in the lows, mids and highs while still managing to deliver a natural sound. Brilliant!